You can now wear Windows XP on you everywhere you go

The new Windows Ugly Sweater is here.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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Windows ugly sweater

Microsoft has unveiled the newest Windows Ugly Sweater and this year, the sweater will sport the monumental Windows XP’s Bliss photo.

So, even if you’re on Windows 11, or Windows 10, it’s time to go down memory lane with this sweater and experience Windows XP all over again. As a sweater that you can wear anytime, everywhere, essentially.

Copilot or any new other features coming in Windows 11, and Windows 10, have nothing to do with the nostalgia Windows XP represents for many of us, growing up with the operating system.

If so, then you should head over to the official site for this year’s Windows Ugly Sweater and purchase your own Windows XP sweater, before they’re all gone, as Microsoft says it’s coming in a limited edition.

Plus, the Redmond-based tech giant will also let you download the Bliss wallpaper, which is arguably one of the most recognized digital images in history. The wallpaper can be downloaded for Desktop and Mobile devices.

Will you buy it? Let us know.

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