YouTube introduces animations in its UI, plus many more features

Many of them are quite useful.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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  • Animated buttons, 2x playback speed. a new You tab, and many more features are coming to YouTube.
  • Some of them are available starting today, others will be released by the end of October.

youtube october features

Google has announced that several features are coming to YouTube, starting this month, including animations in its interface that will play when users are pushing certain buttons, such as the Subscribe button for a channel.

But this is not all, though. Many more features are coming to YouTube that will be available on every platform, from the YouTube App for PC to YouTube Mobile, Web, and tablets.

These features will aim to improve and even change the way users consume and enjoy video content on YouTube, according to Google.

Today we are rolling out three dozen new features and design updates to help you get more out of YouTube. Whether you’re watching videos or creating them, here are a few of our favorites


YouTube October Features: Here’s what you need to know about them

  1. Stable Volume: YouTube will allow users to have greater control over the platform’s audio volume on mobile devices. This feature will automatically be turned on to reduce jarring differences in volume.
  2. 2x Playback Speed: Available to web, tablets, and mobile devices, this feature will allow users to playback video content at 2x speed.
  3. Bigger Preview Thumbnails: YouTube will debut bigger preview thumbnails that are interactive. This means users will be able to choose a specific point on these thumbnails from where to watch.
  4. Lock Screen: Available to mobile devices, this feature will allow users to lock the screen while keep watching YouTube videos, to avoid accidents or interruptions.
  5. You tab: A combination of the Library tab and the account page, the You tab will be the place where users can find their previously watched videos, playlists, downloads, and purchases, as well as their account-related settings and channel october features
  6. AI-powered song searching: Coming to Android devices soon, this feature will let users search for a specific song with the help of AI.
  7. Animated buttons: One of the most interesting features from the list, YouTube will now preview short animation when interacting with certain buttons, on the october features
  8. New vertical menu for YouTube on SmartTV: YouTube on SmartTVs will now display a modernized and compact vertical menu that enables quicker access to features such as the video description, comments, the subscribe button, as well as video chapters.

The YouTube October features will be released gradually: some of them are available starting today, while others will come to the platform by the end of this month.

What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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