AI will replace technical jobs, according to the Azure AI VP

Creative jobs, such as artistic jobs, will not be affected by AI.

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  • A Microsoft Azure AI Vice President had a discussion with a Reddit user on AI.
  • While the claims might be fictional, a lot of them are already happening.
  • When it comes to jobs, AI will not be able to replace artistic jobs.

ai will replace jobs

Yes, AI will replace a lot of technical jobs, according to a Microsoft Azure AI Vice President. However, before we start, you should take this with a pinch of salt. If it’s true or not, it doesn’t really matter after all, because, when we’re talking about AI, all of these assumptions will eventually become a reality.

With this being said, a few days ago, a Reddit user claimed that they were invited to a Microsoft gathering, where they had a discussion with a Microsoft Azure AI Vice President on AI.

I was invited to a party/gathering earlier today where I bumped into the aforementioned VP on the Microsoft team responsible for development of their AI tools. I was lucky enough to have them be passionate and open enough to share a several hour long conversation with me and a few others as we covered topics including what AI technology is currently under development, the future of the job market, public policy surrounding AI, predictions for the future, and more.

The user claimed that the Azure AI Vice President believes AI will replace jobs, at least the technical ones. Programmers and software developers, especially, will become obsolete in the next decade, as AI will take over. This could be partially true, especially when we talk about how much AI research is funded by Microsoft.

Just recently, Gorrila AI and phi-1 were announced to the public, and they’re 2 AI language models capable of correctly coding by themselves.

AI will replace jobs, but what else will it do?

Apparently, the Vice President thinks that AI is as important as the agricultural and industrial revolution because it will be able to revolutionize a lot of will replace jobs

When it comes to current projects:

  • Microsoft is thinking about using AI technology to enhance healthcare, including disease diagnostics and automation.
  • There is also a Beta for a Microsoft Copilot AI aimed at automatic research and coding,

But here is what the Vice President thinks about the possibilities of AI:

  • AI will have an impact on the job market, and AI will replace 50-60% of jobs in the coming decades, including truckers and copywriters.
  • Some countries might impose restrictions on AI, which might lead to certain areas of AI being completely blocked.
  • AI could play a big role in maintaining social equity, by democratizing access to powerful tools.
  • Artificial General Intelligence will be achieved this decade, but there are concerns about its unpredictability.
  • Governments will also collaborate with tech giants, such as Microsoft, to emphasize AI development.
  • Creative jobs, such as artistic jobs, will be among the few to not be disrupted by AI.

Overall, there is a positive outlook on AI in the future, because it is considered to be a force for good, and it will be used to ease and improve life.

But again, take these claims with a pinch of salt. However, if you’ve been following our coverage of AI, you should know already that all of these claims are part of AI development, after all. So it’s not entirely big news, however, it’s good to know they are indeed validated.

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