With Quake 2 out, Heretic should get a remastered version

Heretic Remastered could come on Xbox soon.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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  • Quake 2 Enhanced was recently released with brand-new contact and an improved graphic.
  • Microsoft has been keen on reviving old games.
  • Heretic Remastered should come to all Microsoft devices, including Xbox One.

heretic remastered

As you might know already, Quake 2 Enhanced is already out on Xbox. It’s not called Quake 2 Enhanced, neither Remastered, but simply Quake 2. However, the game is indeed enhanced, it has a better graphic quality, plus a lot of new features.

The game retains its own original campaign, but this version also comes with a brand-new expansion pack, which has 28 new campaign levels that can be played in a multiplayer mode, as well. Quake 2 can be played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S, and it has 4-player and 8-player local split-screen multiplayer.

So it’s safe to say that the new Quake 2 version has it all. This version, published by Bethesda on Xbox, prompted many users to believe other titles from id Software, the company behind the original Quake 2, should be remastered. One of them is the classic Heretic, and its expansion Hexen.

Microsoft should really revive Raven’s old IPs, namely Heretic/Hexen and Soldier of Fortune.

And if Microsoft is going to keep bringing up old games, why shouldn’t Heretic be one of them? We think it should be definitely remastered. Here’s why.

Heretic Remastered on Windows 11 PCs and Xbox

Microsoft has been taking a dip into old-school games. Quake 2 is out now, but a few weeks ago, the Redmond-based tech giant brought back to life several popular old games. For instance, in July, Microsoft revived the old Call of Duty matchmaking servers.heretic remastered

A lot of people were so pleased about it, that in the following days old Call of Duty games, as well as the Xbox console enjoyed a boost in sales. A week later after that, Shadowrun, another Xbox classic, and the original Gears of War trilogy enjoyed the same treatment. They have become playable again.

Following these revivals, a lot of people were wondering what was next. There is actually a list with the most requested game revivals, and a lot of titles are on it, including King’s Quest and Guitar Hero.

And now, with Quake 2 out, it’s only natural that people are thinking about Heretic Remastered should come on Windows 11 and Xbox. Heretic was developed by Raven, but published by id Software, the same company behind the Quake franchise.

Will somehow Microsoft play a part in reviving Heretic? Definitely, and we should expect it on Xbox and PC soon.

But what do you think? Have you played this one?

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