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We know that a lot of you use cloud services, so we’re going to focus on this for a little bit and see what changes will impact this environment.

Now, Microsoft is altering its licensing agreements in the European Union (EU), and the company will try to make it easier for smaller cloud service providers to compete with the big players.

Let’s get right into it and discover everything that the Redmond tech giant plans to deliver to its customers in the future.

Microsoft to make European Cloud Providers more competitive

Just so you know, these changes will in fact make it simpler for customers of rival cloud-service companies in Europe to move their existing software to these other networks.

Thus, the new terms will also ensure that cloud partners have access to the products necessary to sell cost-effective solutions that customers want.

So, as a response to a three-year-old complaint, Microsoft has assured it would address its licensing terms in the European Union.

The revised licensing terms, which are applicable to partners and customers in the EU, as well as Microsoft’s customers around the world, will begin on October 1st, 2022.

The tech giant said the licensing terms have been modified in order to help these partners to be more competitive and grow their businesses.

As you would have imagined, these policies will also provide more flexibility for their customers, as the company stated.

In order to further explain what we are in store for, the three primary changes Microsoft is making to its licensing terms are:

  • Make it easier for customers to bring their software to the partner’s cloud
  • Ensure partners have access to the products necessary to sell cost-effective solutions that customers want
  • Empower partners to build hosted solutions with speed and scale

As we mentioned, these major revisions and upgrades to its outsourcing and hosting terms have been brought on majorly by complaints from Microsoft customers in Europe.

All the complaints collectively alleged Microsoft was making it prohibitively expensive to run Windows and Office workloads on non-Azure cloud platforms like AWS and Google Cloud.

Also worth mentioning is that the tech giant also quickly admitted the complaints were valid. That being said, Microsoft seemed to drag its feet when it came to actually amend the situation in any way.

Earlier this year, Microsoft said it would make it less expensive for customers to run Microsoft software like Windows, Windows Server, Office, and SQL Server on non-Microsoft cloud platforms in the EU.

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What is your opinion on this situation? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.

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