Clipchamp is coming to Windows 10 to replace Video Editor

by Flavius Floare

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  • Microsoft has warned users that Clipchamp will be coming to Windows 10, but it seems it’s finally happening.
  • Clipchamp will be free, but there is also a premium version if you want to use more features.
  • If you don’t want to use Clipchamp on Windows 10, you can still use Video Editor in the Legacy Photos app, for now.

clipchamp windows 10

If you’re been using Video Editor on your Windows 10 to edit your video content, it’s time to say goodbye to it, as Microsoft is replacing it with Clipchamp, too. If you remember, Clipchamp was recently released for free on Windows 11, as well, and it seems the Redmond-based tech giant is not shying away from bringing it to Windows 10.

Clipchamp will be free on Windows 10, and much like its Windows 11 version, you’ll be able to use it for all kinds of video-editing purposes. Microsoft has warned Windows 10 that Video Editor will be replaced, however, it seems that the time has finally come, as spotted by Windows Latest.

The Clipchamp will also be part of Windows 10’s Photos App, replacing the Video Editor within that app. However, you can get it back, temporarily, by downloading the Photos Legacy app in Microsoft Store.

But you should know that most probably, the Legacy version won’t be available for long. However, if you’re not yet up to the change, you can try to get it.

How to replace Clipchamp with the Video Editor app back in Windows 10

For unspecified reasons, when you type in Microsoft Photos Legacy app in the Microsoft Store, the store doesn’t automatically show it.

But there is another way to get it.

  1. Open your Photos app, by clicking typing in Photos app in the Search bar.
  2. Click on the Photos app to open it. clipchamp windows 10
  3. Once the app is open, click on Settings.
  4. In the Settings panel, scroll down, until you find the Photos Legacy.
  5. Click on the Get Photos Legacy button.clipchamp windows 10
  6. This will take you to the Microsoft Store. Once there, click on the Get button.clipchamp windows 10
  7. Now you’ll just have to wait for it to download & install.

When it’s installed, you can open it up, and the Video Editor will be there, as well. As we mentioned earlier, this app will most likely be discontinued over the following months. You should consider using Clipchamp, at least, to get used to it.

But for now, you can still use Video Editor. So make sure to enjoy it while it’s still there.

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