IT admins: Ring deployment is coming to Bing Chat Enterprise

Ring deployment has been requested by IT admins, and Microsoft answered.

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ring deployment bing chat enterprise

IT admins rejoice: Ring deployment is coming to Bing Chat Enterprise, effectively allowing you to deploy Bing Chat features to a smaller set of users.

Bing Chat Enterprise, which is Bing Chat for professionals and organizations, was released earlier this summer, and Microsoft allowed everyone in the organization to either opt in or opt out. Since then, more and more organizations adopted the service, which prompted IT admins to ask for more deployment options.

And Microsoft listened:

To address this customer request, a Bing Chat Enterprise Service Plan can now choose to roll out Bing Chat Enterprise to a subset of users before deploying across the organization. Once assigned, users signed in with their work or school account (Microsoft Entra ID) can access Bing Chat Enterprise from entry points such as and the Microsoft Edge sidebar. 


However, the ring deployment is not available to all Service Plans just yet: The Bing Chat Service Plan for A3 and A5 licenses is currently unavailable, but Microsoft promises it will be added at a later date. Most likely, later this month, when Microsoft plans to widely release Bing Chat Enterprise.

These customers will be informed of its availability through a Message center post in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Ring deployment in Bing Chat Enterprise: how to set it up

As always, Microsoft is giving IT admins all the necessary tools to set up ring deployment in Bing Chat Enterprise.

To do it, you must follow all the standard processes that are outlined in the guide Microsoft prepared for you.

The service plan name for Bing Chat Enterprise is Bing_Chat_Enterprise. ring deployment bing chat enterprise

For now, Bing Chat Enterprise is still rolling out in preview today and is included at no additional cost in Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium. But Microsoft plans to release it as a stand-alone offering for $5 per user, per month.

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