Conformer-2 AI: How it understands everything you’re saying

Conformer-2 AI can understand speech in very noisy situations.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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  • Conformer-2 AI builds on its previous version.
  • It is faster, more accurate, and much more performant.
  • The AI model was trained on 1.1M hours of English audio data.

confomer 2 ai

Just like Claude 2 AI was released recently, there is a new AI tool in town, and it’s an expert in understanding everything you’re saying: Conformer-2 AI is here.

Developed by Assembly.AI, Conformer-2 builds on its first version, Conformer-1, with improved speed, performance, and accuracy. According to the company, Conformer-2 achieves a 31.7% improvement in alphanumerics, a 6.8% improvement in Proper Noun Error Rate, and a 12.0% improvement in robustness to noise, compared to its first version.

The improvements were made possible due to the fact that the model was trained on 1.1M hours of English audio data. Compared to the first model, Conformer-2 AI trained on 170% of the data the first version trained on.

Plus, Conformer-2 AI is 53.7%. faster at processing data than its previous version. So if you’re looking for an AI model to transcribe your texts as accurately as possible, this AI model might just be it. There are other options if you prefer so, too.

How to get started with Confomer-2 AI

If you’re interested in using Conformer-2 AI to transcribe your audio files into pertinent text documents, you should know that Assembly.AI lets you access it as an API as well.confomer 2 ai

Their website allows you to try the AI model for yourself. You have the option to try Conformer-2 AI for yourself, first. You can use a YouTube link or even your own original media files. And the AI will transcribe them for you.

Once you’re done, you can contact Assembly.AI, if you’re pleased with the results. You can use it in all sorts of media content, from subtitles to podcasts, videos, and conference calls. Assembly.AI says that Confomer-2 AI does a great job even though the audio is riddled with noise.

Conformer-1 demonstrated impressive noise robustness, achieving 43% fewer errors on our noisy test dataset than the next best provider. 


We’re talking about background noise, which can be from crowds, nature, and other situations. And Conformer-2 AI is able to accurately decipher words.

What do you think about this new AI? Will you use it? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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