Only 176 MB of RAM to run Windows 11

Windows 11 prerequisites have not been changed and Microsoft remains on a minimum of 4 GB of RAM to run its operating system. In use, it is rather a total of 8 GB which is recommended so as not to suffer from slowdowns when opening programs, even to go on the internet and do office automation (Word, Excel, etc.). This minimum of 4GB is not likely to change with Windows 12!

Some think that 4 GB is a lot, so why not try to optimize W11 as much as possible so that it is satisfied with the vital minimum. This was already the case with XenoPanther, which only required 196 MB of RAM in its ultra light version of W11, but NTDEV does even better by going down to 176 Mo de RAM. The difference is insignificant but when you seek the extreme…

This very light version of Windows 11 is not really usable on a daily basis. The technical feat was to remove most utilities, drivers and services from the OS to keep only the minimum to start the system. In addition, the disk space used is no longer 20 GB but only 8 GB. Significant savings also achieved thanks to all the functions removed.

This version called Tiny11 therefore consumes 20 times less RAM (23 times, to be precise) than the minimum recommended by Microsoft, but you should not expect to use it comfortably and add applications and games to it.

This demonstration is of interest only for the technical realization and does not constitute a recommended nor usable version of Windows 11. You can keep your computer!

Windows 11 176mo ram Tiny11

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