Edge for Desktop allows uploading files directly from mobile devices, but there is a huge drawback

The new feature, Continuity, is now live in Edge Dev and Canary.

by Flavius Floare

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microsoft edge upload from mobile

Microsoft Edge for Desktop will allow users to upload files directly from their mobile phones, as long as the phones are connected to the Desktop device. According to tech enthusiast, @Leopeva64, who first discovered this new feature, this option will allow you to connect your phone to the Desktop device first, in case it’s not already connected.

The feature, which is called Continuity, according to the spotter’s findings, will ask users to scan a QR code to connect to the Desktop device, and they can freely upload images, videos, and files to Microsoft Edge.

Continuity is now available to Edge Canary and Edge Dev, and users on these channels can now try it, alongside the new Copilot (formerly known as Bing Chat) plugins that the Redmond-based tech giant released for Edge recently, as well.

This option to “upload from mobile” SEEMS to be new, it is available in Edge Dev and Canary.


Microsoft Edge’s Continuity is limited when not using Edge

However, the feature does come with a huge drawback. According to a recent finding from the same spotter, Continuity will only allow users to upload up to 3 files in a free trial, when opening the link on another browser other than Edge, after connecting your phone to the Desktop device.microsoft edge upload from mobile

Something interesting about the new feature that allows you to upload files directly from your phone is that, after scanning the QR code, if you open the link with a browser other than Edge, you will only be able to upload up to 3 files.


Microsoft will ask you to download Microsoft Edge if you want to have access to unlimited uploads. Once you install the Edge on your mobile phone, you should be able to upload as many files as you like.

For such a useful feature, it’s a pity that Edge is gatekeeping it to only be used on this browser, but it could be a strategy to attack more users.

Microsoft Edge is miles away from what Internet Explorer used to be. The browser is on par with Google Chrome, when it comes to speed, and many believe Edge might actually be better than Chrome. However, it’s still very behind in terms of popularity, and it’s not likely that will change any time soon, even if Microsoft adds useful features such as Continuity.

But what do you think?

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