Microsoft overhauls Edge Web Capture with a new name & useful features

Web Capture becomes Screenshot and gets comments & draw features

by Venkat


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Web Capture is a built-in screenshot tool in Microsoft Edge that allows you to take screenshots of web pages directly within the web browser through an option in the menu or a shortcut to capture entire regions or selected areas.

In the latest Edge Canary, it seems that Microsoft is renaming Web Capture to Screenshot and testing its performance changes. In addition, the company is experimenting with making Edge image viewer the default Photo Viewer in the Edge browser.

As standard, Web Capture can take full-page screenshots, including scrollable parts. It also has a markup tool to annotate screenshots before saving or copying. Edge allows you to copy and paste captured images in apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The new Screenshot feature adds a series of new functionalities to make it more like a complete editing tool.

What’s new in Edge’s new Screenshot feature?

Microsoft is now A/B testing some significant changes to Web Capture in the Edge browser in Canary. The company is changing the Web Capture name and icon to Screenshot and scissors.

The new feature also includes some UI changes where options to capture a region or whole area aren’t available when you use the shortcut or select the context menu option. Instead, a window appears that allows you to add comments, draw, save, and share your screenshot after making changes. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+shift+S remains the same.

Edge Image Viewer to be the default photo viewer

Microsoft Edge comes with a built-in image editor that pops up whenever you right-click on an image and select Edit image. The tool lets you edit your photos with options to crop, adjust the brightness and exposure, filter your image, and mark it up with hand-written text or captions.

Besides the Image Editor, Microsoft Edge also has a built-in Image Viewer that opens whenever you drag an image into the browser. Recently, we reported that the Edge Image Editor is getting AI-powered features for photo editing, such as background blur. Now, Microsoft is testing the ability to make Edge Image Viewer the default photo viewer.

You can test the new functionality by opening the latest Edge Canary and enabling the Edge Image Viewer flag on edge://flags. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below.

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