Edge on Xbox will now block embedded content that negatively impacts performance

The experimental feature is now live in the Alpha Insider ring.

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edge on xbox

Microsoft Edge will now block any embedded content that will negatively impact performance, when browsing on Xbox, according to a new feature coming in the latest Xbox Alpha build.

For now, just a limited set of users will be able to experience the new feature, but Xbox will release it to the stable version of the Xbox App in the following weeks.

A random subset of users will be able to try an experimental Microsoft Edge feature to block embedded content that negatively impacts performance while browsing. We flight these experiences for feedback, so if you have some, or run into anything unexpected, please be sure to use Report a Problem to let us know!


Practically, the feature should make the Xbox dashboard run faster, without encountering extended lagging times. Microsoft released a new Xbox dashboard earlier this year, revamping all the UI to make it more accessible and intuitive to use.

Naturally, Xbox users can access the internet through Edge on Xbox, and the browser can sometimes push devices to their edge, due to their high CPU and RAM usage.

What other changes and improvements are coming to Xbox?

Below there is a list of all the changes and improvements coming to Xbox.

Fixes Implemented

Thanks to the hard work of Xbox engineers, we are happy to announce the following fixes have been implemented for this build:

Xbox Accessories App

  • Fixes to improve navigation with an attached keyboard when editing profiles.


  • Fixes to improve unexpected issues when installing games and apps.edge on xbox

Settings – Personalization

  • Fixed an issue where dynamic backgrounds could sometimes load indefinitely when loading the preview.


  • Various updates to properly reflect local languages across the console.
    • Note: Users participating in Preview may see “odd” text across the console, for more information go here.

If you’re enlisted in the Xbox Insider Program, the new Alpha build to Xbox is now available to download and install.

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