You can now preview Edge releases early without installing pre-release channels

Windows Insider Program members can test Edge Preview Releases inside the app

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The latest Edge on Windows 11 has many new changes and features, including previewing new features and experiences without installing pre-release channels like Beta. The option can be turned on or off through a toggle on the About page.

Microsoft Edge stable is available to the public via the Release channel. Interested users and early adopters can try out upcoming new features by installing Edge insider channels such as Beta, Dev, and Canary. However, this is not necessary for insiders of WIP (sort of).

For users who have joined the Windows Insider Program beta and dev channels, Microsoft Edge stable includes a toggle to test Edge Preview features. When enabled, the stable version gets preview features and turns into Beta.

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The Preview Microsoft Edge release early setting only appears when you’re enrolled in the new experience.

You can opt out of Edge preview features by toggling off the option. The app stays with the beta label, and the user will be unenrolled after leaving WIP in beta and dev channels.

Here’s how to opt-in to preview Microsoft Edge releases early

  1. Ensure you’re an insider running Windows 11 Dev or beta channel.
  2. Open Edge.
  3. Click on the menu and select Settings.
  4. Click About Microsoft Edge.
  5. Enable the Preview Microsoft Edge releases early toggle.
  6. Immediately, Edge downloads beta updates and turns stable into the Beta version. The Edge About page says Edge stable app running beta channel.

If you change your mind, you can opt out of Edge Previews by toggling the abovementioned option on the About Microsoft Edge Settings page. If you leave the Windows Insider Program, you’ll be unenrolled with the next stable release.

If you’re not a Windows Insider, install Beta and run it alongside Edge to see upcoming features.

According to the support document by Microsoft, this feature is being slowly rolled into WIP beta and dev channels. The company says all users running eligible WIP channels will receive the feature.

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