Exclusive: Dell & Alienware next-gen laptops and accessories leak ahead of CES

First look at Dell & Alienware laptops and accessories for 2024

by Vlad Turiceanu

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dell alienware laptops accessories 2024

When it comes to trade shows and tech events, they don’t get much bigger than CES (Consumer Technology Association), and 2024 might be the most exciting iteration yet. Why? Well, with all the new developments in AI and VR/AR, we expect to see a lot of new cool devices that most certainly will use bleeding-edge tech and the latest advancements to transform our everyday experiences.

Dell and its gaming subsidiary, Alienware, are longtime CES participants, always at the forefront of Innovation Awards for incredible design and build quality. And for the 2024 tech event, thanks to our trusty source, we can glimpse what’s to come (spoiler: Alienware’s new monitors are straight from a gamer’s paradise!)

Dell’s new XPS lineup for 2024 gets Ultra CPUs

XPS is already a well-known family of laptops and a long-standing product recognized for its slim design and powerful internals. For 2024, Dell is going with much of the same, with significant performance upgrades for its XPS 13, XPS 14, and XPS 16 laptops.

The XPS 13 is focused on ultra-portability and performance, perfect for those looking for a small, premium laptop. For 2024, the 13-inch device gets a much-needed refresh, previously passed on because of the XPS 13 Plus launch.

The lineup’s middle ground is definitely the brand new XPS 14, Dell’s new take on the XPS 15, featuring the design language we already know and love. While downsized from 15 inches, the XPS 14 has a real shot of becoming the go-to in the XPS family, primarily thanks to the (not-so) recent popularity of 14-inch devices. Both XPS 13 and XPS 14 come with new Intel CPUs and Nvidia RTX graphics.

As expected, the new XPS 16 is the most powerful out of the bunch, most likely replacing the previous 17-inch XPS (has Apple started a new trend?). The laptop gets the iconic XPS design but with new Intel Core Ultra CPUs and RTX 40 series graphics. While the size doesn’t scream portability, the XPS 16 is aimed at professionals who can take advantage of all that power while on the move and still be able to use it as a desktop replacement. It’s also a fantastic choice for those who want to game, the size and thermals making it more than well-equipped for long-stress sessions.

Alienware goes all out on gaming, with a pinch of productivity

You can’t talk about gaming laptops without mentioning Alienware, and for 2024, the company is making some changes to its lineup, starting with the Alienware m16 R2. The updated device will feature Intel Core Ultra H processors and Nidia graphics, with a redesigned chassis and updated thermals to keep it cool through those long gaming sessions.

Maybe the most interesting thing is the addition of Stealth Mode, which seamlessly transitions from gaming to productivity. We’ve seen this feature before on Dell laptops, but Alienware’s decision to include it on gaming devices seems odd. Basically, you’ll be able to tone down the gaming features (RGB, display response time, CPU boost, fan speed, etc.) of your laptop with a quick shortcut and use it as a workstation. Stealth Mode is also configurable, so you’ll be able to choose the exact features to disable or enable.

This kind of feature makes sense for students or gamers who use a single device for all their workflows, keeping the laptop gamer-ish at home and not so obviously Alienware in class or at the office. Whether that’s enough or not it remains to be seen, but keep in mind that there is nothing stealthy about a 16-inch plus laptop.

This one’s a banger: Alienware x16 R2! Yes, Alienware’s most premium laptop also gets an upgrade. Besides the all-metal chassis, x16 R2 gets the new Intel Core Ultra CPUs and dedicated graphics. And don’t forget about the AlienFX lighting; if you want to stand out, this is your best choice.

Finally, the Alienware m18 R2, one of the biggest gaming laptops on the market, is getting upgraded with 14th Gen Intel Core processors and Nvidia RTX 40 Series graphics, making it the ultimate gaming machine for those looking for a huge screen that’s also portable (sort of).

According to our source, all the laptops will be available on January 11th.

Pro gaming with Pro monitors: Alienware accessories

Also on January 11th you’ll be able to get the new updated Alienware gaming monitors and a Pro bundle for those looking for a keyboard-mouse combo. The Alienware 27 360Hz Gaming Monitor features a QD-OLED display with QHD resolution, incredible response time and color coverage, and, as the name implies, a 360Hz refresh rate that makes it perfect for any fast-paced game. The always-present RGB lighting completes the package, alongside the side headphone mount and sturdy stand.

The updated Alienware 32 4K QD-OLED Gaming Monitor features a QD-OLED curved display with a 4K resolution, infinite contrast ratio, and Dolby Vision HDR. It’s perfect for those looking for immersion and pixel-perfect colors. It also comes with HDMI 2.1 FRL, which makes it fantastic for switching between PC and console gaming.

The Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor completes the monitor lineup. Yes, that’s right, a 40-inch 5K monitor that takes gaming and productivity to a whole new level. While the front-accessible hub hints more toward productivity, alongside the TUV 5-star certified eye comfort features, you can still use it for gaming and complete immersion. Keep in mind that you’ll need a pretty big desk for it.

Lastly, a well-known Alienware gaming bundle gets an upgrade. The Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard and Mouse include the 75% sized hot-swappable keyboard tailored explicitly for gamers and the ultra-light mouse weighing less than 60 grams. The mouse also has 4Khz/8Khz polling rate modes, which means an incredible response time, perfect for shooters and fast-paced games. And don’t forget the RGB; lots of it!

All the accessories will be available on January 11th, with Dell’s UltraSharp 40 Hub Monitor possibly even sooner. Considering the current lineup of laptops and accessories, the life improvement upgrades seem solid, especially regarding the new CPUs and GPUs. Although there are no price mentions yet, we expect most devices to come around the same price as this year’s lineup, with maybe slight changes to Alienware’s family of laptops.

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