Is it a good time to buy an Xbox Series X/S? Here’s what people are saying

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If you’re looking to buy a new gaming console, perhaps Xbox Series X is the right choice for you.

However, you might be on the fence, because many Xbox gamers are selling their consoles. So should you get a Series X or not? Here’s what other gamers had to say.

Looking to buy Xbox Series X? Here’s what you should know

On a recent Reddit thread, a user asked if this was the right time to get an Xbox series X, and the community was quick to share its experience with the console.

Got one last week aswell with 17 months left of warranty but like my usual luck with controllers, this one seems to have some problems with the left trigger that make it sound like an electric shaver that’s very low on battery. The right one is fine but the whole controller buzzes with a high pitch noise when i hold the Home button to turn off the controller.

Many are also concerned about the Xbox exclusives going to PS5, which all started after the announcement that Starfield is coming to PS5.

Although this sparked a massive controversy, many users are pleased to see that Xbox gamers will get those games first.

I don’t see why not. Even if every single game goes to ps5 (probably won’t), you get them day one with game pass. I still see a lot of value in the platform

However, for some day-one access comes with certain issues and it’s not worth getting:

Day one access is more akin to early access or beta testing. Forza Motorsport is still a buggy barebone game, months after release. Redfall was clearly not finished. Starfield had several features missing and still need to be patched in.

For many gamers, the UI and affordability of the games is what’s making them stick with Xbox:

Yea I prefer the Xbox UI and games are cheaper + I really like GamePass.

At $17/month you wind up averaging about 3 AAA games worth of money for the year, and you have hundreds of games you can download and delete at will. You can’t beat that deal at all.

Many are parsing online experience as a selling point of Xbox, simply because other platforms don’t have something similar to offer:

Xbox has an LFG feature, Microsoft Points which you can use to buy gift cards as well as a social media-like hub where you can see what your friends are up to

Many are also concerned about the future of Xbox following the news that some exclusives will be coming to PS5, however many aren’t concerned:

Don’t listen to these alarmists. Xbox isn’t going anywhere. If you find it at a good price, go for it.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer recently confirmed that Xbox consoles aren’t going anywhere despite the recent exclusivity changes, so you shouldn’t worry too much about the future of Xbox.

Many are also eagerly waiting for the new version of the console, but the new Xbox release is delayed due to contracting issues with AMD. Currently, we’re all waiting for Phil Spencer to disclose the new Xbox strategy and see what the future holds.

Should you get Series X? It’s a great console on its own, but maybe wait a just bit longer until Microsoft discloses its new strategy.

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