Many raise concerns about deteriorating Microsoft 365 for Enterprise, explore alternatives

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Over the years, users of Microsoft 365 for Enterprise have reported various issues, with the instances increasing each passing day. A solution for organizations with hundreds to thousands of employees or more, should deliver a better all-around experience.

Every aspect of Microsoft 365, from software to licensing and support, has been criticized. It doesn’t work the same way it did a few years ago. A user’s rant on Reddit sheds some light on the abysmal performance of Microsoft 365 for Enterprise.

The list of complaints keeps growing

When we sat down for research, there was so much against Microsoft 365 for Enterprise, starting from issues like unannounced changes to persistent ads. The lack of integration between the different products also comes under heavy criticism.

We’ve had so many issues as of late with unannounced changes or vms being rebooted outside schedules from Azure without clarification.
But honestly, the one that (if you think about it) gets me the most is when you install your paid windows client and get the question: How do you want your advertisement?

I think the most egregious think of late is the retiring of and ever changing list of API’s powershell etc, they treat the sysadmin environment like it’s some agile peice of software, compare to old and trusty and never changing Linux it’s really annoying playing keep up.

As for the customer support response, you will find threads on Reddit and other forums where users detail their experience.

But not everyone is complaining about Microsoft 365 for Enterprise

There’s always a flip side to the coin. Users who find Microsoft 365 for Enterprise functioning optional blame the outdated and misconfigured setup of those questioning. While that could be true, questions will still be raised regarding Microsoft’s customer support and outreach!

Our enterprise just isn’t seeing these issues. Seeing a post like this makes me feel like I am missing something, but I have done a lot of work lately to ensure I am not. But we are a google shop that prefers azure for cloud stuff, so maybe that makes the difference and splits the baby properly.

Our tenant and domain hums along like a finely tuned machine. Also, the deep management tools and logs in the tenant have really impressed me. We can now get detailed reports and threat maps with hunting. The sign in, audit logs, and conditional access tools are fantastic.
We have more native tools today to troubleshoot problems than we ever had before. And there are so many more good things…

The never-ending search for Microsoft 365 alternatives

With plan prices increasing and services deteriorating, many see no point in continuing with Microsoft 365 for Enterprise. But finding an alternative is no easy task either!

Microsoft 365 for Enterprise comprises a wide array of software, services, and cloud-based products. The Redmond-based tech giant has invested years into each of its products, and competing with them will be a challenge for any one company.

Besides, with the integration of AI into more and more products, including Copilot in Microsoft Advertising, the Office suite, and Copilot in Teams, the entire Microsoft 365 for Enterprise experience will witness a significant boost.

If you still plan to switch, maybe look for individual solutions, like Microsoft Office alternatives, a different email client, a suitable cloud storage solution to replace OneDrive, and a new video conferencing app.

What’s your feedback of Microsoft 365 for Enterprise? Share with our readers in the comments section.

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