Microsoft celebrates its Copilot anniversary with upcoming innovations list

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  • Microsoft celebrates one year of Copilot.
  • New features are coming in the next few months. 
  • GPT-4 Turbo
  • New DALL-E 3 Model
  • Inline Compose with rewrite menu
  • Multi-Modal with Search Grounding
  • Code Interpreter
  • Deep Search

Microsoft Copilot Anniversary

Microsoft’s executive vice president and consumer chief marketing officer Yusuf Medhi is celebrating a year’s worth of pre-generative artificial intelligence services from the company with a blog post highlighting what’s next for Microsoft Copilot.

Celebrating Copilot

We started with the introduction of Bing Chat, and the feedback was incredible! Right away, people began to change how they search on the Internet, shop, code, prepare for job interviews, improve their gaming skills, and create beautiful documents and images. We proceeded to incorporate these capabilities into Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge and Windows, unlocking new scenarios with ever greater context and intelligence for people.

Yusuf Medhi – Executive Vice President, Consumer Chief Marketing Officer

What’s next for Copilot?

After a marketing pivot to rebrand, the disparate AI services Microsoft was quickly accumulating under the general umbrella of Copilot, the company is now poised to offer a hefty update to a unified platform.

While each version of Microsoft Copilot that accompanies a platform or service form the company will be tailored for specific experiences and situations, Medhi does offer some broader updates on what general platform will receive in the coming months.

  • GPT-4 Turbo – Soon, Copilot will be able to generate responses using OpenAI’s latest model, GPT-4 Turbo, enabling you to tackle more complex and longer tasks. This model is currently being tested with select users and will be widely integrated into Copilot in the coming weeks.
  • New DALL-E 3 Model – You can now use Copilot to create images that are even higher quality and more accurate to the prompt with an updated DALL-E 3 model. These capabilities are available to you now by visiting or by prompting Copilot to create an image.
  • Inline Compose with rewrite menu – With Copilot, Microsoft Edge users can easily write from most websites. Just select the text you want to change and ask Copilot to rewrite it for you. Coming to all Edge users soon.
Multi-Modal with Search Grounding
  • Multi-Modal with Search Grounding – We are combining the power of GPT-4 with vision with Bing image search and web search data to deliver better image understanding for your queries. This new capability will be available soon.
  • Code Interpreter – We are developing a new capability that will enable you to perform complex tasks such as more accurate calculations, coding, data analysis, visualization, math and more. We are gathering feedback on these capabilities from a select set of users and plan to make it widely available soon.
code interpreter gif
Code Interpreter
Deep Search
  • Deep Search – Coming soon to Bing, Deep Search harnesses the power of GPT-4 to deliver optimized search results for complex topics. Activating Deep Search expands search queries into more comprehensive descriptions to deliver more relevant results.

Those are just a handful of features Microsoft is sharing about the future of its Copilot platform. Back in April, Microsoft also shared concept and demo information about a much more localized version of Windows Copilot that managed Windows functionality more acutely than the current web-wrapper version present in Windows 11. Presumably, Copilot will gain Samsung/Bixby-like device specific capabilities in the future as well.

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