Microsoft extends Windows 10 EOS by 3 years with Windows 7-like ESU program

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  • Windows 10 End of Support deadline is October 14, 2025
  • Microsoft is now offering a new Windows 10 Extended Security Update Program 
  • Windows 10 ESU will be a yearly subscription services to keep Windows 10 devices secure for an additional 3 years past the EOS deadline.
  • Windows 10 ESU could help organizations migrate to Windows 11 with support of Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop

Windows 10 ESU Program

Microsoft ruffled feathers a few years ago when it announced the end of support for Windows 10 would happen on October 14, 2025. While Windows 10 will mark its ten-year anniversary in 2025, some users remain perturbed with the idea of having to eventually switch to Windows 11 and it appears Microsoft is listening.

Moment ago, Micrsoft announced a Plan for Windows 10 ROS with Windows 11, Windows 365, and ESU.

Windows 10 ESU to the rescue

While outlining a handful of alternative options for Windows 11 migration that include purchasing new PCs or migrating to Windows 365, Microsoft also revealed it would be implementing an Extended Security Update Program for Windows in a similar vein as it did for Windows 7.

The Windows 10 ESU program would work comparable to the Windows 7 ESU program in that organizations could now purchase a yearly subscription to security updated for the older OS. Yearly commitments to the ESU program would extend for three additional years after the official end of support deadline for Windows 10 for enrolled devices.

What will the Windows 10 ESU include?

Organizations that choose this option will receive critical and/or significant security updates.

Windows 10 users enrolled in Windows 365 services will get a chance to apply their ESU to devices connected to a Cloud PC running Windows 11 with no additional cost.

Windows 10 instances in Azure Virtual Desktop will also be eligible for the ESU program on virtual machines, again, at no additional charge beyond the subscription fee.

What won’t the Windows 10 ESU cover?

Microsoft’s Windows 10 ESU lifeline only extends to security patches and will not include “new features, customer requested non-security updates, design changes, or technical support” beyond extended security updates, no matter how much your company begs.

Microsoft hasn’t changed its stance on EOS for Windows 10 ending in 2025, but it’s also acknowledging that many of the operating system’s users may simply not abandon ship based on the company’s timeline.

Between the potential release of a backported Windows 11 Copilot experience and this new optional Extended Security Update program, Windows 10 is getting a new lease on life. Microsoft is also bolstering its new ethos around removing arbitrary restrictions to its most widely used services with these recent changes.

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