Microsoft Teams will introduce restorable archive channels

They will come to Teams in December 2023.

by Flavius Floare

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microsoft teams archive channels

Microsoft Teams will introduce Archive Channels to the platform, starting December 2023, according to the latest entry in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

They will allow IT admins and managers to archive chats that are no longer useful, without deleting them. Archiving them will preserve their content, including text messages, files, and tabs, as Microsoft states.

With Archive Channels, owners and administrators can archive channels that are no longer in use while preserving their content, including messages, files, and tabs. 


The archive channels are most likely part of the new features Microsoft promised to release on the new Teams, a while ago. If you remember, Microsoft announced that Teams 2.0 will be the new default client for Teams moving forward. This new version is reportedly much faster and it can handle new capabilities, such as Copilot.

Microsoft Teams’ archive channels will be restorable

Microsoft says that if needs be, and the situation demands it, the archive channels can be restored back to their original form, and placed back to the active teams and channel lists.

The archived channel is removed from the active teams and channels list and no more actions will be allowed. If needed, the channel can be restored.


This is a very useful option to have: when an archived channel can be used again, it can be simply restored without having to worry about creating a new channel. It will let admins repurpose the archived channels without too much teams archive channels

This feature is scheduled to roll out in December 2023, on all platforms, including Web and Desktop. Microsoft Teams users on mobile should be able to see the archived channels on their chat lists, as well.

Microsoft recently announced that it will include new options for channel customizations in Teams, including multiple app branding. Coupled with this feature, it seems that the Redmond-based tech giant is bent on making Teams the go-to app for organizations.

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