Teams will let IT admins customize multiple Teams apps at once

Teams could experience substantial growth due to its brand-friendly features.

by Flavius Floare

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teams app customization

Microsoft Teams will allow IT admins to customize multiple Teams apps at once with their organization’s brand visuals, starting next year, in March 2024, according to the latest entry in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

The feature will be available everywhere, next year, on Microsoft Teams for Web, but the changes will be virtually seen on every platform.

This is most likely part of the new changes and improvements Microsoft promised they would come to the platform, a while ago, when the Redmond-based tech giant announced that the new Teams, dubbed Teams 2.0, became the new desktop client for Teams.

Microsoft also debuted a new Teams for Education back then, which is a version tailored specifically for schools and universities. The new Teams for Education should get this feature as well, which can be very useful in these situations. Here’s why.

Teams’ multiple app customization: What can you do with it?

The feature will let IT admins create and manage multiple customized app instances. The multiple customized app instances could greatly improve branding, awareness, and user engagement, all around, as Microsoft states.

By creating and managing multiple customized app instances, it can improve branding, awareness, and user engagement, overcomes the limitations of a single-instance approach and enables greater adaptability to meet the diverse business needs.


Microsoft promises this feature will increase the productivity and usefulness of the Teams apps to the employees. Plus, the brand awareness will increase organizations’ visibility across every meeting they’re part of.teams app customization

If you remember, a while, ago Microsoft Teams also announced that it would introduce a branded meetings option that would allow organizations to brand their Teams meetings everywhere.

Coupled with this new feature, which will debut in 2024, Microsoft Teams could experience substantial growth due to its brand-oriented tools and features and could become the go-to platform when it comes to organizations.

It seems Microsoft wants to make it so, but what’s your take on the new multiple-app customization feature?

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