Microsoft wants companies to know if their employees use Copilot, but it could backfire

The Microsoft 365 AI Adoption Score is coming to the platform in 2024.

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microsoft 365 Adoption Score

Microsoft has been releasing Copilot on almost all of its platforms. Microsoft Azure (now Entra) has it. The Windows version was initially supposed to be a Windows 11-only feature, but then the Redmond-based tech giant released it on Windows 10, as well.

In November, Copilot was finally integrated into Microsoft 365, and now, virtually all Microsoft 365 apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote, have AI capabilities.

Of course, Microsoft hasn’t stopped here: OneDrive also has some interesting Copilot features that will greatly enhance the experience of managing cloud files, per Microsoft’s claims. Recently, the tech giant decided to encompass all of its AI products under the name of Copilot, effectively changing the already popular Bing Chat into Copilot as well.

Practically, when we talk about Microsoft, we talk about Copilot. This is exactly why the Redmond-based tech giant wants companies to know if their employees use Copilot. According to the latest entry in Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the admin center will get an Adoption Score AI assistance category, that will help companies keep track of Copilot adoption within their infrastructure.

We are introducing a new people experiences category in Adoption Score in the Microsoft 365 admin center. The new category helps organizations understand the adoption Microsoft Copilot features in Microsoft 365.


Together with a new Copilot usage section coming to the Microsoft 365 admin center, this feature could end backfiring on Microsoft. Here’s why we think this could happen.

Could Microsoft 365 AI Adoption Score lead to a backfire?

The AI Adoption Score that is coming to the Microsoft 365 admin center in March 2024 could lead to an eventual backfire that would see companies not wanting to pay for Copilot.

Why? The feature together with the recently-announced Copilot usage statistics page coming to the Microsoft 365 admin center will track, observe, analyze, and provide insights about the usage of Copilot in an organization.

If the statistics are not positive when it comes to the adoption of Copilot, many companies would just see the AI tool as a waste of financial resources. Microsoft could easily end up losing resources trying to keep Copilot afloat and constantly updated only for it to not be used. microsoft 365 Adoption Score

It’s true that, at first, the adoption of Copilot might not reach the desired parameters set out by Microsoft, but if the trend continues for several months, then the commercial customers, such as the other companies, would see it as a waste of money and time.

Windows 10 could indeed accelerate this adoption, and as more people become familiar with using an AI tool in their spare time, so would they become familiar with using it to work more efficiently.

We’ll have to wait and see, but maybe Microsoft should not release these insights-providing features, especially not right now. The company should wait a few months until people are knowledgeable enough about Copilot. After all, the tool was only released recently on Windows.

But what do you think?

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