Microsoft Whiteboard’s new toolbar is perfect for teamwork

The new toolbar is designed with mobile devices in mind.

by Flavius Floare

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  • Microsoft hopes the new toolbar will motivate more collaboration.
  • The Redmond company also wants you to use it for your content creation ideas.
  • The new toolbar is perfectly designed for mobile devices as well.

microsoft whiteboard new toolbar

Microsoft Teams is getting some new features, including a new toolbar for Microsoft Whiteboard. After the Redmond-based tech giant released some AI-enhanced features on Teams earlier this summer, it seems that the more traditional apps are also getting a new design.

Microsoft Whiteboard is a very popular app for organizations, schools, and group projects because it manages to offer solutions to each of these situations. You can write a list of tasks, you can draw a plan, and you can discuss them over Teams video calls because the app is integrated into Teams.

And Microsoft Teams, while being the subject of multiple phishing attacks, is still the most popular app for organizations and schools. So this means Whiteboard is going to be used a lot.

With this in mind, Microsoft has designed a new toolbar for Whiteboard that can be easily used on mobile devices as well. This refresh was needed, as Whiteboard is used by a lot of young people, many of them students, who spend most of their time on mobile devices.

The new design emphasizes key content creation tools such as notes, reactions, comments, text & shapes, making them easier for you to spot and use them.

And so the new toolbar will be far more accessible than before, in case you want to participate with your ideas. Microsoft hopes this happens, as the Redmond-based tech giant wants Whiteboard to be a driver for content whiteboard new toolbar

The Whiteboard canvas has undergone a visual refresh, surfacing key content creation tools such as notes, reactions, comments, text & shapes more prominently, empowering educators & students with higher ease of discovery & accessibility for expediting content creation.


Whiteboard’s new toolbar also encourages collaboration between students and teachers in classrooms, due to its highly visual cues.

The new toolbar should be available now on Microsoft Whiteboard everywhere. If it’s not, then don’t worry. By the end of this month, it should be available everywhere.

Do you use Microsoft Whiteboard? What do you think about the new toolbar? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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