Microsoft will only change CPUs in the next Surface laptops

The new versions of the Surface laptops will be available in October.

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  • Surface Studio, Surface Go 2, and Surface Go 3 will be released with refreshed CPUs in different variations.
  • The design is expected to stay the same on all of these devices.
  • It’s still unclear if Microsoft will announce the next generation of Surface laptops, but we’ll keep you updated if they do.

next surface laptops

On September 21, Microsoft hold a special event that will most likely uncover the next generation of Surface laptops, among other devices and software. But with two weeks ahead of the conference, supposedly, Microsoft won’t bring any radical changes to the current devices, other than a refresh of CPUs, according to WinFuture.

All the changes coming to the next Surface Laptops

Apparently, the CPU upgrade will happen to the Surface Studio, the Surface Go 2 and the Surface Go 3. And there will be slight changes and improvements. For example:

  • The Surface Studio will receive Intel’s new 45W Core i7-13800H Raptor Lake CPU, and you’ll be able to customize it: 16 GB, 32GB with 512GB or 1TB Storage.
  • The Surface Go 2 will get Intel’s Core i5-1235U Alder Lake CPU, and you’ll be able to choose versions with 128GB or 256GB SSD. However, the laptop will only support 8GB of RAM.
  • The Go 3 laptop will suffer the greatest change, as it will supposedly get the Intel N200 quad-core processor from the Alder Lake N series, switching up from its current ARM chipset. It will come in versions of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB SSD, but it will be limited to 8GB of surface laptops

It’s also worth noticing that Microsoft might announce the new Surface Go 4. According to WinFuture, this iteration might actually be the improved Go 3 laptop. There won’t be any design changes at all, either. All the laptops will keep the same design, more or less.

The new interactions of the Surface laptops should be available at the same price, starting in October. However, we’ll have to wait until September 21 to see if there are any price changes.

As for the next generation of the Surface laptops, there are no clues if Microsoft will release them this year. However, the Redmond company might surprise all of us.

Either way, we’ll keep you covered with everything going on at the Microsoft Special event on September 21.

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