Starfield: with 6 million players, can it be the title Xbox will be know for?

It’s still to early to decide if Starfield can live up to the hype.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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  • Starfield amassed over 6 million players in less than 2 days of release.
  • The game has been experiencing issues at launch, but they will be fixed.
  • It’s way too soon to decide if Starfield lives up to its hype or not, overall the reception is positive. 

starfield number of players

Starfield was officially released on September 6, and in less than 2 days, the game has already amassed over 6 million players, according to Bethesda. This effectively makes it the biggest Bethesda release of all time.

While the game experienced some issues, in the Early Access week, they have been fixed or are in the process of being fixed. However, it seems that didn’t stop people from playing. Truth be told, if you’ve been following us, you already know that Starfield has been highly anticipated.

As a node to its anticipation, a lot of people would buy Xbox consoles just to experience this game. Microsoft hasn’t shied away from relentlessly promoting it everywhere, including in the Microsoft Store, and other pop-ups in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

While the game is not particularly demanding on medium settings, Starfield is exclusive to PC and Xbox, which led many to say that it’s a Microsoft exclusive. With all the anticipation lying around, and the astonishing number of players on Starfield, we can’t help but wonder: is Starfield the title Xbox will be known for?

Starfield: Can the number of players make it the title of a generation?

With many incredibly anticipated games come great expectations, and while most of the time, they were met, the game is still causing a lot of issues for a lot of people. These bugs eventually diminish the excitement of playing it.

However, the game was released just a week ago, so these kinds of issues are frequent. For example, Baldur Gate 3 experienced a lot of bugs, later in the game, despite presenting itself as flawless at the start.

Starfield, on the other hand, presents issues at launch, but they are almost all fixed by now. However, despite this, Metacritic reports that the game has a user score of 5.4, even if over 6 million people have been playing it since its release. starfield number of players

Critics are far more indulgent, and Starfield scored 87 points so far. Everybody agrees that the open-world setting in a vast universe is what sets this game apart from the rest. On the other hand, the story has been criticized.

Is the hype worth it? Can Starfield be called the title of a generation? Well, in all honesty, it’s still too early to decide. There needs to be some time; Bethesda would need to release future patches. The expansions will also enhance and improve the game overall. There are few games that managed to make a name for themselves with just 1 title in the franchise.

But even then, Starfield already accomplished what many titles didn’t: a gigantic number of players flying into the starfield. For now, that’s enough.

What do you think about it?

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