OneDrive Offline mode: use & access OneDrive without internet

OneDrive Offline mode will be available for preview in November, with a general rollout coming in December.

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  • You’ll be able to access OneDrive in your browser to view, sort, rename, move, copy, and delete your files without Internet access.
  • As soon as you’re back online, OneDrive will automatically sync the files.
  • The feature will encourage even more mobility, and it was long overdue that Microsoft would release it.

onedrive offline mode

You’ll soon be able to use OneDrive in an offline mode, which will allow you to launch OneDrive in your preferred browser even without having internet access.

According to the Microsoft Roadmap, the preview for this feature will arrive in November 2023, and the Offline Mode for OneDrive will let you view, sort, rename, move, copy, and delete files on your browser without internet access.

Even more, for locally stored OneDrive files (those that are marked as “always available offline”) you will be able to open and work on these in your browser even if you are offline.

And you won’t have to worry about losing the files. All the changes you make while using OneDrive in Offline mode will be automatically synced back when the Internet connection is restored.

OneDrive Offline mode: All you need to know

According to the roadmap, Microsoft plans to initiate a preview of the feature in November 2023. A rollout is scheduled at the end of the year, in December 2023.onedrive offline mode

All the platforms are included, and the release will be worldwide. Plus, once the rollout happens, all customers, organizational or non-organizational, will be able to use this feature.

For now, there isn’t any hint on how it will look like, but it’s not hard to imagine. You’ll be able to use OneDrive, the way you’re using it now. But you can do so when you don’t have Internet access.

This feature will make it perfect for you to work remotely, from anywhere. And as long as you keep your device safe, the changes to your files will be automatically synced back to your OneDrive, when you get back online.

It was about time Microsoft released this feature: it will allow for an even greater mobility, from any device.

Needless to say, we’re very excited about it.

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