Original superhero games on Xbox? Yes, most users agree

Spawn would be the perfect superhero to start an Xbox franchise.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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  • Spawn, as a superhero/antihero, has a lot of abilities that would translate well in action-adventure games.
  • This superhero hasn’t been fully explored in other mediums, such as film or TV.
  • An Xbox video game franchise featuring Spawn would please the Xbox community, according to users.

original xbox superhero games

The Xbox’s roadmap, as well as its future, in general, looks very exciting. Over 5000 new games are currently in development for the console. And one of 2023’s biggest titles, Starfield, will also come to Xbox. Starfield is a Microsoft exclusive, you’ll be able to play it on Windows devices and Xbox consoles.

A lot of other games will be coming to Xbox. For example, expect more Square Enix games from now on with titles such as Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts to arrive on the consoles.

Plus, you can now play old Call of Duty games on your Xbox, because Microsoft fixed the games’ matchmaking servers. The original Gears of War trilogy had the same treatment from the Redmond-based tech giant and now you can play those games as well.

Of course, with so much good news about Xbox, users are wondering if the console should get its own original superhero games.

Which original superhero games should Xbox get?

A lot of users agree that Spawn, the Image Comics superhero/antihero, should be the one that starts an Xbox superhero video game franchise.original xbox superhero games

A well done Spawn game would be great.

Spawn would be perfect for Xbox.

Spawn is a Batman-like superhero/antihero created by Todd McFarlane, and he is a soldier who later gains supernatural powers by making a deal with an otherworldly entity. The character is very popular among superhero characters and the Spawn comics have been enjoying continuous success.

However, this superhero has yet to emerge in a well-received adaption. Spawn, the film, was released in the 90s to negative reception, and ever since the movie studios were hesitant in giving it another try.

But Spawn could be the perfect hero to start a superhero video game franchise. The character has a very polarizing story, with a lot of abilities that would translate well in the action-adventure genre.

And it seems a lot of people from the Xbox Community agree.

My mind just exploded with ideas about how a AAA spawn game made by a quality, focused studio could be. I grew up with Spawn on the OG xbox, it was one of my faves. Spawn deserves more love, and I know there is an audience for him in the xbox community.

What do you think? Should Spawn be the one who starts an original Xbox superhero game franchise? Let us know in the comments section below.

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