PC Xbox Game Pass: Availability extends to 40 new countries

Microsoft isn’t playing around.

by Rafly Gilang

Rafly Gilang

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  • Microsoft extends Xbox’s PC Game Pass to 40 new countries
  • In total, the service will now be available in at least 86 countries worldwide
  • The announcement also comes amidst its latest attempt to acquire Activision.

In the wake of Microsoft’s ambitious project to acquire Activision Blizzard, the Redmond tech giant may also have one step ahead of its competitors as it announced the expansion of Xbox’s PC Game Pass to over 40 new countries worldwide.

The expansion means that starting February 28, potential markets in these regions can sign up for Xbox Insider Program to benefit from access to hundreds of triple-A PC games on Windows, even those that are exclusive on Xbox, and play them through Xbox Game Cloud service. From the Insider Hub app, you can unlock a preview version of this service before its general availability.

In the coming months, PC Game Pass will launch in these countries for all players to experience. This means that Game Pass community members from 86 countries around the world can play hundreds of games together with their friends and family. We look forward to welcoming more players from around the world to the Game Pass community.

It also means that at least 86 countries will now have access to Microsoft’s largest gaming database. The latest expansion happened in March 2022 in several Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore.

What are the available countries on PC Game Pass?

Here’s the list of where Microsoft expanded its PC Game Pass service:

  • Albania   
  • Algeria 
  • Bahrain 
  • Bolivia 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina  
  • Bulgaria   
  • Costa Rica  
  • Croatia   
  • Cyprus  
  • Ecuador 
  • Egypt   
  • El Salvador  
  • Estonia   
  • Georgia  
  • Guatemala 
  • Honduras  
  • Iceland   
  • Kuwait 
  • Latvia   
  • Libya 
  • Liechtenstein  
  • Lithuania   
  • Luxembourg   
  • Malta  
  • Moldova   
  • Montenegro   
  • Morocco 
  • Nicaragua 
  • North Macedonia 
  • Oman 
  • Panama 
  • Paraguay 
  • Peru 
  • Qatar 
  • Romania   
  • Serbia   
  • Slovenia   
  • Tunisia 
  • Ukraine   

Previously, the tech giant also rolled out two important 10-year expansive deals with Nintendo and Nvidia.

Those deals will allow Xbox titles, including Activision’s most-wanted Call of Duty, to be played on the console and the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. In the long run, Microsoft hopes to strengthen its position to acquire the Santa Monica game publishing company.

What are your thoughts about this expansion? Let us know in the comments!

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