Samsung Internet browser makes its way to Windows

Samsung Internet now has a desktop app for Windows, available on the Microsoft Store as a free download. And you’ll be glad to know that it’s available for all x64 version Windows 10 and 11-powered desktop and laptop machines, Samsung or otherwise.

For those unfamiliar with Samsung Internet, it is an open-source, Chromium-based web browser previously only available for Android and Linux-powered Samsung smartwatch devices. On Android the browser has proven a viable Chrome alternative, with which it has much in common, at least on a surface level.

Samsung Internet does have a few advantages of its own, however, such as a built in ad-blocker (which must be turned on manually) and the ability to force dark mode on websites, even those that don’t natively support it. Samsung Internet also features native picture-in-picture support.

At this time Samsung Internet for Windows does appear to have some limitations, which isn’t too surprising for this launch. Reportedly syncing browser data between phone and PC is limited to search history, bookmarks, saved pages and open tabs, while password syncing is currently unavailable.

While support for extensions is built in, it appears to be non-functional at this early stage with the install button greyed out on all add-ons. Users have reported underwhelming performance on the browser, with laggy scrolling, and some UI elements appear in Korean.

There’s little doubt that these issues will be addressed by Samsung in the future. However, the Samsung Internet browser still has a ways to go on both mobile and desktop before it can truly compete with Google Chrome.

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