Teams is getting a Quickly Capture Content option on Android/iOS

The feature is coming to Teams mobile in November.

by Flavius Floare

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  • Users will be able to save the captures on their devices, Teams accounts, or other apps.
  • The feature will respect the privacy settings set for the meeting.

teams capture content

Microsoft Teams is getting some well-deserved features on its mobile version. For example, just recently, Microsoft announced that Teams Rooms are getting end-to-end encryption on Android. The feature will make sure every Teams conversation will be private and secure on every device the participants are attending.

And now, Teams mobile is also getting a quickly capture content option on Android and iOS, according to the latest entry in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. The feature will allow Teams users on mobile to quickly capture any kind of content shared in a meeting. The captures will be automatically saved in the mobile device’s gallery, in Teams, and in other apps.

Users won’t have to worry about privacy though, as Microsoft promises to honor the privacy choices set in the meeting.

This feature enables you to quickly capture content shared in a Teams meeting on a mobile device and save it in your photo gallery or share in Teams and other apps. We’ll honor privacy choices set in the meeting.


The feature is coming to Android and iOS in November when the rollout is scheduled to take place.

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