The new Follow a Meeting Outlook feature is a game-changer

This new feature is coming to Outlook for Windows and Web in 2024.

by Flavius Floare

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  • When you follow a meeting on Outlook, you’ll get all the updates and insights without having to attend it.
  • This feature is truly versatile and suited for mobile situations, when users can’t participate in a meeting, but still want to be updated about it.
  • However, it will only be available for the new Outlook.

outlook follow meeting

A brand-new Follow a Meeting feature is coming to Outlook for Windows and Web next year, in 2024, according to the latest entry in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

Microsoft says this feature goes beyond the traditional Accept, Tentative, and Decline choices that users currently have, as Follow a Meeting will allow you to still get notifications, and head-ups, and engage with the other participants of a meeting, even if you don’t attend it yourself. In other words, you’ll get all the buzz without having to attend the meeting.

Follow is a new meeting response (RSVP) option that goes beyond the traditional Accept, Tentative and Decline choices geared towards individuals with high meeting loads and conflicting meetings each day. Follow is the ideal RSVP option for meetings you can’t attend but still want to stay engaged and receive info about.


The other participants will be able to see if you follow the meeting or not, and that way, they will be able to take your presence into account. This feature is coming to the new Outlook for Windows and the web only in 2024.

And if we’re being honest, this game-changer of a feature should encourage more Outlook users to try the new version. If you remember one of our previous stories, the classic Outlook will most likely be gone by 2025.

Why is Outlook’s Follow a Meeting feature a game-changer?

This feature could allow every user to still attend meetings, indirectly, even though can’t attend them for various reasons. Following a meeting will make sure that users get all the insights, notifications, and recommendations in their Outlook inbox.outlook follow meeting

Plus, they will be able to interact, although indirectly, with the other participants, through text-based chats.

These capabilities make the Follow a Meeting feature truly versatile and mobile, all at once. For example, users on the road can still get updated on a meeting they can’t attend, as long as they’re connected to the Internet. This way they’ll be able to catch up faster and more efficiently on all the updates.

The rollout is scheduled to take place in March 2024, so there are still some months before Outlook users can enjoy this new feature.

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