Teams’ School Connection app is coming to mobile devices

However, it won’t be released in the European region for now.

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Teams’ School Connection app, which is an app aimed at parents who want to check up on their kids’ activity on Microsoft Teams, will finally be released on Teams Mobile, as well, starting December 2023, according to the latest entry in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

Microsoft Teams received some major updates earlier this month, so the School Connection app coming to Teams Mobile shouldn’t be a surprise. For example, besides making Teams 2.0 the new default client for Teams, a new version of Teams for Education was also released along with it, and its design makes it easier for teachers and students to keep up.

Now, the mobile version of School Connection will make sure parents are also joining the conversation easier, faster, and on the go, as Microsoft says.

The School Connection app in Microsoft Teams mobile empowers parents and guardians to engage, support, and monitor their student’s learning at school. As a parent, you can stay up to date on assignments, grades, insights from the past month on digital activity, and more. 


School Connection for Teams Mobile: Everything you need to know about it

First things, School Connection will be available on Android and iOS, at the end of this year, in December 2023.

Microsoft will release the mobile version of the app worldwide, however, the European region will not get it now, and instead, School Connection will be released at a later date there.

This release will be generally available to all regions except countries in the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA); the GA for those countries will be coming at a later date.


Parents will be able to monitor their kids on the platform, but also encourage and support them on their way to completing their homework:

  • Grades, assignments, homework, and other school projects will be available for parents to check.
  • Parents can also leave their feedback on their kids’ homework.teams school connection
  • Educators and teachers can reach up to parents directly on the app, facilitating meetings and conversations between them.

Parents can find out more about the new School Connection app on Microsoft’s blog about it.

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