Users will able to sort emails by category in Outlook

The feature will be released in December.

by Flavius Floare

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outlook sort by category

According to the latest entry in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Outlook users will soon be able to sort emails by category in the app. The feature is coming up in December 2023, in the new Outlook for Windows and Web.

This feature allows users to sort their emails by categories in inbox and other folders. It will help users stay focused and organized by allowing them to group related emails together directly in the message list. This update will be available in the new Outlook for Windows and web.


As the Redmond-based tech giant says, users will be able to organize emails based on their relevancy to a certain topic, and they will be able to do it directly in the message list.

The new feature is a welcomed addition to Outlook, given that Microsoft will release Copilot to it in November, allowing for even greater file management inside the app.

Unfortunately, the feature won’t be available to classic Outlook, as the version is slowly approaching the end of its life. However, recently Microsoft announced that Copilot-enhanced features will also make their way to the classic version.

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