Uninstalling Edge in Windows 11 Breaks Apps & Widgets, Microsoft warns

Don’t uninstall Edge if you use apps & widgets that depend on it

by Venkat


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uninstalling microsoft edge breaks apps and widgets

Microsoft Edge Chromium, the web browser built into Windows 11, is a core part of the operating system. This means that you cannot uninstall it using conventional methods. But you can uninstall Edge insider versions such as Beta, Dev, and Canary.

Recently, we noticed that Microsoft started triggering a new warning when uninstalling Edge Dev/Canary insider versions in Windows 11 to state that apps and widgets that depend on Edge won’t work when you uninstall it.

Microsoft Edge powers web search in the Start menu, apps, and widgets you use, such as Microsoft News, Weather, Calendar, and more. These are designed to work with Edge. If you uninstall it, they’ll stop working or even disappear.

Here’s the warning we received when uninstalling both the Dev and Canary versions:

Uninstall Microsoft Edge? When you uninstall Microsoft Edge, your apps and widgets that depend on Edge will no longer be available.

Uninstall Edge apps and widgets no longer be available warning

The dialog offers Uninstall and Cancel options with a Learn more link that takes you to the Apps and Widgets that depend on Microsoft Edge support page created on August 7, 2023.

The support page details PWAs, sites as apps, and widgets that run on the Microsoft Edge engine. They can be installed from the Microsoft Store, Edge add-on, or third-party websites. The page further explains:

All PWAs, sites as apps, and widgets run on the Microsoft Edge browser, which means they use the same web engine, settings, extensions, and features as the browser. For example, if you enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge, it will also apply to your PWAs, sites as apps, and widgets. If you sign into Microsoft Edge with your Microsoft account, it will also sync your PWAs, sites as apps, and widgets across your devices.

At the bottom of the article, Microsoft reiterates that uninstalling Edge causes PWAs, Apps, and Widgets to stop working:

Microsoft Edge is an essential part of Windows 10/11, and it is not recommended to uninstall it. If you uninstall Microsoft Edge, it will cause your PWAs, sites as apps, and widgets to stop working.

To avoid this, we recommend that you keep Microsoft Edge updated and installed on your device. If you have accidentally uninstalled Microsoft Edge, you can reinstall it from microsoft.com/edge/download.

Here is what the current Microsoft Edge uninstall dialog looks like:

Uninstall Microsoft Edge dialog

Have you seen the new Uninstall Microsoft Edge pop-up? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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