WhatsApp for Web will release a new Search by date feature

The feature will be released to WhatsApp Web in the following weeks.

by Flavius Floare

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whatsapp search by date

WhatsApp for Web will soon release a new Search-by-date option that will allow users to look up a past conversation using a specific date. The feature is under development, and it has not been released yet, but WABetaInfo, the one that spotted the feature, said it will come soon to WhatsApp for Web.

The site also had access to images showcasing how the feature will look like in WhatsApp for Web. Users can easily pick a specific date, and then all the conversations that happened on that date will show up. whatsapp search by date

The Search-by-date option is already live on WhatsApp for iOS, but it seems that Meta will expand it to the Web version, as well.

There isn’t yet a release date for it, but it might happen before the end of 2023.

WhatsApp’s Search-by-date: Why does it matter?

Well, the feature could be one of the most useful features ever released on WhatsApp Web, and this is not an exaggeration. The ability to quickly look at a past conversation at a specific time would greatly reduce the time spent looking for valuable information.

For example, if someone knows the date or the month of a specific WhatsApp conversation that holds valuable information, this feature will make it possible to find it in seconds, greatly reducing time and frustration. Plus, users won’t have to endlessly scroll through conversations to find specific info.

WhatsApp recently allowed users to join Channels, and the app will also get AI assistants, as Meta revealed last month. The AI assistants will use Bing to come up with real-time information on everything the users request.

They will be released to the platform at a later date, but coupled with this feature, WhatsApp could actually improve the experience of searching through conversations: imagine telling the AI to look up for a conversation that happened months ago.

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