What is Xbox Series X Digital and when it is coming out?

Xbox Series X Digital will a digital-only Xbox X console.

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  • The Xbox Series X Digital will be released in 2025, reportedly. 
  • New Microsoft hardware is also coming in 2025, although we don’t know it they’re Xbox related.
  • Currently, Xbox Series S exists as a digital-only console.

xbox series x digital

The Xbox console has been riding a wave of high popularity lately. The Microsoft console reportedly has over 5000 new games in development. Plus, Starfield will be on the console in less than a month. And even if Starfield is not enough to hype you up, the roadmap for Xbox looks exciting as well.

And let’s not forget the recent popularity this console has experienced. Right after Microsoft won the case against FTC, the Redmond-based tech giant fixed the old Call of Duty’s matchmaking servers. This caused a spike in sales for both old Call of Duty games and the Xbox Series S and X.

But Microsoft didn’t stop at that. The original Gears of War trilogy also got the same update on their servers, prompting the console once again to the top sales of that week. And to make it even sweeter for Xbox users everywhere, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, announced that the console is going to have a lot of Square Enix games from now. So, Final Fantasy fans everywhere, rejoice!

And it seems that Microsoft is also planning to release an Xbox Series X Digital soon, according to the XboxEra Podcast. So, if you weren’t happy about the Xbox console, you should be now.

Xbox Series X Digital: what we know so far

An Xbox Series X Digital is, according to its name, a digital-only Xbox X version. Currently, Xbox Series S exists as a digital-only console, but S is marketed to a different audience, the casual gamer who doesn’t really care about collecting video games disks or even playing old games.xbox series x digital

However, the Xbox Series X lacks a digital-only version. But this console, aimed at hardcore gamers, has everything to make it a good piece of hardware for even the most exigent of players.

On the XboxEra Podcast, host Shpeshal Nick says that Xbox Series X Digital will be coming out in 2025 along with other hardware from Microsoft. This version will have all the features of the current Xbox Series X minus the disk port.

So, you’ll be able to use Xbox Series X Digital the same way you would use Xbox Series S, but this console will also support 4K gaming and many other features.

For now, it’s safe to say, we’ll be waiting for 2025. How about you? Are you excited for this Xbox console? Let us know in the comments section below.

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