Windows 11 in 2023: biggest letdowns, according to users

Windows 11 is far from being the promised OS.

by Flavius Floare

Flavius Floare

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  • While Windows 11 brings in a lot of new and amazing features, it lacks popularity.
  • A lot of people think Windows 10 is still the superior OS.
  • Microsoft should definitely listen to the Windows community’s feedback more.

windows 11 good or bad

It’s been over 2 years since Windows 11 was officially announced, and almost 2 years since we’ve been using Windows 11. And this operating system is fast and full of really useful features. Plus, its AI-enhanced tools, with the anticipated Windows Copilot, make it look like something from right from the future.

The future is now, and some users, well, a lot of them, according to Reddit forums, still believe that Windows 11 is holding on to the past. And for good reasons. For example, we have recently discovered that Windows 11 keeps using relics from the very long past, in technology years, like these 28-year-old dialog menus.

Right from the future? Forget we’ve ever said it. Despite its incredibly futuristic designs and features, Windows 11 is holding on to the past, and this might be its biggest letdown, according to many people.

You would say that 2 years are more than enough for an operating system to get popular and loved by users, but it seems it has done the opposite. Many users do not particularly enjoy it, and it’s enough to open Reddit, type in Windows 11, and find dozens of posts asking which one is better: Windows 10 or Windows 11? In more than 90% of cases, Windows 10 is the answer.

So, Microsoft is going to have to get real.

Windows 11: 3 biggest letdowns, according to users

1. Microsoft not overhauling any older assets

In 2021, when Microsoft announced Windows 11, the Redmond-based tech giant promised a redesigned operating system for productivity, creativity, and 11 good or bad

Almost 2 years in, Windows 11 is still sporting some 28-year-old dialog menus, back from the 90’s. Plus, if you’re looking carefully enough, you can get some Vista artifacts as well.

Users are clearly disappointed about it.

I feel like their resources should be allocated first and foremost to overhauling (dude, have you SEEN the Windows 95 assets still in Windows 11?) existing pieces of the OS and bringing the UI fully under the fluent umbrella. I feel that once they’ve gotten their UX and UI sorted out, then they should start adding new features.

It would have been nice if Microsoft had actually changed the entire UX/UI with the new homely designs. Some menus are only now getting updated to the new design. How can you not be disappointed?

2. Too many pre-installed apps at startup

Sure, you have to actually click on them, and only after that they will properly install on your device. But if you click on the Start bar, there are a lot of new apps, just hanging there, that you might never actually use.

There are ways to ensure you will never see them again, but it’s still very frustrating because it takes away the joy of customizing Windows 11 however you like.

3. Microsoft has turned it into a permanent product placement

Recently, Microsoft caused controversy when it forced Bing ads on users, yet again, after countless many times. While it would be natural to use Microsoft products on Microsoft operating systems, the Redmond-based tech giant got a lot of complaints from Twitter, Reddit, and other socials for showing ads, suggestions, and recommendations for Microsoft products.

Microsoft has a long way to go, that is for sure, but the company can take the right steps by listening to more feedback. It wouldn’t hurt.

What do you think?

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