Xbox Series is the second best-selling Xbox in Japan now

Xbox Series has sold in 2 years the amount of units the original Xbox has sold since 2002.

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  • Xbox Series has managed to sell almost a half million units since 2020.
  • PlayStation and Nintendo are still the biggest consoles in the Japanese market.
  • This means Microsoft might finally have a chance in Japan.

does xbox sell in japan

Microsoft vs FTC case revealed some internal secrets from the Microsoft and Xbox executives, including that Xbox is seemingly losing the console war. While it’s true that Xbox hasn’t sold as much as PlayStation or Nintendo have, Xbox is still a very popular console.

In the US, for example, Xbox is the dominant console, and it’s very popular among gamers there. With the latest Xbox consoles, Microsoft wanted to cater to both the regular gamer and the hardcore gamer too. Xbox S is a great console to have if you’re a casual player. While Xbox X is good for your gaming sessions.

Plus, in this specific region, Xbox is a console that never loses its attraction. That’s partly due to Microsoft’s involvement too. For example, Xbox Series consoles were recently sold out due to Microsoft fixing the old Call of Duty matchmaking servers. This prompted people to buy both the old games and the Xbox consoles, causing a spike in sales.

However, it seems that Xbox Series are also popular in Japan, the land of Nintendo and PlayStation. According to the latest statistics from Game Data Library, Xbox Series is the second best-selling Xbox in Japan now.

Does Xbox sell in Japan? Yes, it does. And it matters a lot, especially when we’re thinking about the console war.

Xbox does sell in Japan, and this is important

According to the statistics, Xbox Series has sold 473.515 units in Japan, since 2020. In comparison, the original Xbox has sold 448.085 units since its launch in 2002, while Xbox 360 has sold 680.890 units since 2005.does xbox sell in japan

So as you can see, Xbox Series is doing exceptionally well in a country where PlayStation and Nintendo rule the market.

Why is this important? Well, the fact the Xbox does sell in Japan, means that Microsoft has managed to make the console popular there.

As we all know, consoles in Japan are almost a cultural phenomenon. PlayStation has brought the Japanese gaming industry into the spotlight, and it has created some memorable franchises.

This way Microsoft can create a sizeable community there, which will change the way Xbox is regarded in Japan. By coming up with Xbox exclusives, such as Starfield, in Japan, Microsoft can actually become as important as PlayStation and Nintendo.

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