You’ll get Microsoft’s rewards if you use Edge

A desperate attempt by Microsoft?

by Rafly Gilang

Rafly Gilang

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  • Since it migrated to Chromium, Microsoft has rolled out new features to lure users to use Edge.
  • Another attempt is to offer rewards in form of gift cards for Edge users.
  • With these gift cards, you can collect points and shop for films, apps, clothes, and more.

Microsoft has added plenty of new features to its built-in Edge browser: the new Bing, 365 integration, you name it.

Even more so, it’s pre-installed on every Windows system as a revamped version of Internet Explorer, which was just axed completely earlier. 

One of the attempts that have been spotted is the Microsoft Rewards scheme. To put it simply, for each search you perform on Bing in Microsoft Edge on PC or mobile, you can earn from 5 up to 20 points a day (around 150 to 600 points a month).

Those Microsoft Rewards points can be accumulated for a chance at gift cards from clothing stores, online games, film rentals, furniture shops, and more.

As we tested, we’ve seen Roblox digital code being priced at 1,500 points, and H&M and IKEA’s 20 euros gift cards for 30,650 points each. The list of partnered shops is always being added, and you can also use those to donate to any charitable organization of your choice. 

What’s up with all the backlash with Microsoft Rewards?

It’s safe to say that Edge has been quite unpopular among users. As noted by StatCounter, Edge merely has 11% of the global market share of browsers, whereas its Google Chrome competitor controls the majority by 66%. It only makes sense if Microsoft is doing all it can to lure users to its browser. 

It may seem like a handsome reward, really, but Microsoft is really putting itself in hot water with this. Earlier, many free users have spotted ads living inside their Outlook mobile inboxes on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Plus, any attempt to download browser competitors like Chrome will be greeted with a discouraging pop-up that says Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft.

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